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FREE test or track day with JPR when you sign up for your first FunCup race!

Your free test day includes the car, full circuit support plus a pro driver to help you go through the data to get you up to speed. This is an exclusive offer for subscribers of Track Driver Deals. You can share a car with up to 5 other drivers which makes it hugely enjoyable and fantastic value for money. You get plenty of track time, loads of support and a very friendly paddock to make it a truly memorable experience. If you've ever thought about going racing, this is VERY hard to beat! Check out the FunCup video in our best-of-the-web section below. To take advantage of this offer email paul@funcup.co.uk or call the ofice on 01538 306921.

Ok, let's wet your appetite for this incredible deal from JPR. Don't be fooled by the VW Beetle body shape. These are race cars. The cars are race designed, single-seaters, with super-strong space frame chassis. They are powered by an 1800cc, 130 bhp VW/Audi petrol engine, with the ultra reliable Sadev sequential gearbox. Paddle-shift and pit-to-car radio are also available as optional extras and they all feature race brakes and fully adjustable suspension. All cars are identical in specification, with no-performance modifications. The championship consists of two classes and a trophy is awarded to the top 3 teams in each class after each race. The Masters Championship is for any teams who have a driver or drivers aged 55 or above.The races are all endurance, between 3 and 8 hours in the UK, complete with pit stops and all the drama of such an event. Teams vary from 2 – 6 drivers in the UK and thanks to carefully formulated rules, however many in a team, your chance of success is exactly the same. So, with the car engines and gearboxes sealed and regulations strictly controlled, the racing is super close and the running costs remarkably low for this type of racing. Take a look at these cars in action:

Get in touch with Paul at JPR and have a chat about getting a place in one of their endurance races this season. It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner, JPR will help you get on track. Email paul@funcup.co.uk or call 01538 306921.

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